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10kkev – fatality (7d7s2) lyrics


-d-mn, jakesand!-

verse 1:
cameras all around my crib, don’t try nothing sl!ck
i got watch dogs that’ll maul you if i tell them sick
banged on his jugg then he texted me “you f-cking pr-ck”
i can turn plastic into paper like a magic trick
venmo, zelle, and cashapp
we can make some money, just hit me if you have that
a n-gga tried to tell bout some sauce, i been had that!
i’m in yo state, hitting stores, doing cash backs
my lil brother worked a page while n-ggas sleep
he 15 with more cash than n-ggas 43!
put the tip in a white b-tch , she said omg!
the way i’m talking on these songs, they think a n-gga preached
just got a crib outta state, i’m no longer local
prowling through my site, grabbing pieces they come with the socials
got a couple fans out the country, this sh-t going global
this 12 gauge will leave yo stomach open like a oval
i’m online shopping with somebody else card
f-ck your security, i’ll k!ll you and your bodyguard
my n-ggas got somebody copping heavies so i bought some bars
if i got it then you got it , what’s mines is ours
just walked p-ss an opp and he didn’t even notice me
it’s crazy cause he died just for trying to get some groceries
i’m my own boss n-gga, ain’t n0body over me
asked my white boy to get him gone and he said “totally”
taught n-ggas how to eat and they still hungry
this sh-t wild, my own people trynna steal from me
but i ain’t surprised, cause i know it comes with having money
tell em no once and they quick to get to acting funny

verse 2:
i just sold 10 pints on 6 and pinehurst
got some new hightop diors they look like converse
sit them right next to my dior b22
got my b-tch 3 socktrainers, black, red, and blue
chanel pillows on the couch of my living room
i can hit you afar with this scope, i just gotta zoom
you a p-ssy -ss n-gga, you are not a goon
made a quick dub, i was on t the whole month of june
buying macbooks had me up over night
just for a “pickup seal green” on best buy site
new season amiri, off-louis, arch lights
i ain’t got no jordan’s but my closet full of mikes
amiri’s, why this b-tch asking me questions like i’m siri
k!ll somebody son, then throw him in the lake erie
”id f-ck on his b-tch when he at work” that’s his theory
i don’t give a f-ck what you think!
he beat the b-tch -ss , i left a condom on the sink
he tried to make it up by taking her to lil pink
this the second time and she still trynna link
selling phones to asians i’m getting cashed out by ch-nks!