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10kkev – sweet talk lyrics


[intro: babytron]

[verse 1: stanwill]
threw this little b#tch some cheese with her rat ass
slid on an opp, .40 clappin’ like a fat ass

[verse 2: babytron]
up 20 iphone 11s, i’m a jackass
b#tch in the kitchen with the pot, she a lab rat

[verse 3: trdee]
my b#tch need a whoopin’ with her bad ass
sh#ttyboyz sh#ttin’ on you, sh#tty with your mad ass

[verse 4: 10kkev]
’bout to snap a pic in front of a white wall
from that point on address me as jim paul
turned on your song and i heard a bunch of lies
i just got word an opp was up at g#y pride

[verse 5: stanwill]
heard there was pay off the clip, so i leaped off
got your little b#tch on my d#ck, told her leap off
fire ass slide in my pocket, turn the heat off
dumbass tried to run off, cut his feet off
smooth interaction with the clerk off the sweet talk
bought her some dior, told that b#tch take the pink off

[verse 6: babytron]
ride around with ten k’s, kev
i’m the punch god, can i get some cred?
i’m the punch god, can i get some head?
come on doggy, i know that ain’t reg
y’all know that ain’t reg, we smokin’ wookiedookiebookie
hit that b#tch with super d#ck, she had a super booty
this ain’t 014, you can’t do the truey
throw an l in your face cause you losin’ goofy

[verse 7: stanwill]
shooter [?] he pulled up in a [?]
seen the opp still d#ck sucking, n#gga super fruity
b#tch boy steady on my ass, i’ma do a uey
[?] in a clip, i’ll shoot a movie

[verse 8: trdee]
i’m on [?] tonight, little b#tch come make a movie
off a perc 10, she can feel it, got her feelin’ groovy
shh, cause i snuck in with a toolie
little baby got big guns, i’ma call her stewie

[verse 9: 10kkev, babytron, stanwill, (trdee)]
you don’t fit in, weirdo
meijer’s ain’t poppin’ for the giffies, we at sears though
fat black snitch, you remind me of carl winslow
this a eighth, that’s a bud light, we can’t cheers bro
h#ll nah we can’t tap cups
bro don’t chase n#ggas, ha, he a fat f#ck
(strap right by my nuts, i ain’t callin’ backup)
put the [?] leave him in the dust

[verse 10: 10kkev]
this b#tch a groupie, i’m recordin’ and she cool with it
you should’ve seen her face when she saw me, she was losin’ it
how the f#ck you expect your b#tch not to f#ck on me?
she f#cked the sh#ttyboyz, stan, tron, and dee

[break: babytron]
huh, godd#mn, that b#tch f#cked all three
aye, aye, aye

[verse 11: babytron]
pullin’ off in a scat, hasta la vista
jab like a heavyweight, i’m not bautista
powered up off the perc, i am not vegeta
gettin’ head at the [?] i’ma drop the [?]

[verse 12: stanwill]
got the world on my back, feel like hercules
d#ck ain’t hard, that’s a rack in my purple jeans
mace windu, cause my stick got a purple beam
tried to give me life for thrust in the first degree

[verse 13: trdee]
she said when i do the dash, it make her wet
stepped out, jug wet, made a puddle, got me wet
that big b#tch on a [?]
somebody pass me moscato, i do not see a threat

[verse 14: babytron]
fit water, i feel like percy jackson
b#tch couldn’t get fifty cents if i was curtis jackson

[verse 15: stanwill]
finna suplex your little b#tch off the percy action
smack the visor off his head, i heard he cappin’

[verse 16: trdee]
i was young with the numbers, i ain’t talkin’ fractions
hit her off the henny, i don’t pay for lashes

[verse 17: babytron]
doing fraud in these brand new air maxes
sent him up top, drop his body like a care package

[outro: babytron]
like a care package, like a care package
like a care package, in these air maxes