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10kmusic – addoral lyrics


intro:yo this is about addoral the most common drug in your home m-ssrecords 2018 i got meds bruh
verse1: yo yo yo this is about addoral the most common drug in the world i’m waking back up into the world go and get up addoral needs a pickup u dont know but i know the symptoms staying up all night taking a sh-t cloud f-cking this b-tch and sh-t dealer hooks me up for a living oh u think i’m kidding u dont listen to what i’m spitting kids u son of a b-tchs rapping through the microphone flying this plane into a dome yea that’s my living oh your little hoe not gonna tell my bros but john snow in this b-tch walking around with my drug dosed bookbag till it was snagged i took some addoral high as the effil tower took a shower like
chorus: addorals a drug oh u think i’m kidding tho addorals a drug addorals a drug tho
verse2 yo its 2016 bout to go to trial for arson u thinking i’m kidding tho i was in the field tho grabbing a bottle of pills tho in the some football field where the press box burnt down burnt down in front of the town living close to missouri but a little kid named patrick slash matt whatever u hear is not true sucking pills down in the field with travis travis is at house tho i went to the field and grabbed some dope went back home and took it a little bit before they were snitching but i dont care about it tho stop f-cking with my flow i check my phone sh-t now i’m overflowed these little wh-r-s ain’t yours no more i do this for a living tho but addorals a drug tho yo yea yea yea addoral gotta break it down for ya it worst drug and it’s bad for ya but i take it for a living tho u think i’m happy with the symptoms i ain’t happy and sh-t but i took it tho fell asleep like b-tch slapping a hoe took a nap all night and hit the mic stabbing u on a bike now u know what it like hitting with a p-ss bottle than jack daniel’s tomorrow then i got confronted a minute there by the mic smoking sh-t tho i rhyme like chimed bottles been taking drugs but she dont know but now she know i’m addicted to that sh-t what a b-tch i am i’m a pr-ck i was a drug addict