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10six – everybody lyrics


[pre-hook: 10six]
they told me that i wouldn’t make it (woah)
i wouldn’t make it (d-mn)
they told me i ain’t got the patience
ain’t got the patience (yeah)
so i spent my nights in the bas-m-nt
said i wouldn’t make it
but now they all love me like raymond
said i wouldn’t make it

[hook: 10six]
everybody used to tell me that i wouldn’t be sh-t
that i wouldn’t be nothing
so i went and made hits
i don’t wanna be stuck in.. this town
cause everybody settling down
everybody want a bigger account
everybody’s just sitting around
but they doubt me for the way that i sound, wait

[verse 1: dahm.]
everybody wanna be a rapper
everybody wanna come after me
a masterpiece
everybody thinking ’bout it backwards
i don’t do the running boy i run it they scatter
meltycanon everywhere i look now
i be hanging up top i don’t look down
people gonna want to pay 100 for a hook now
fake friends fishy but they listen and they hooked now
everybody wanna see me never even
get a little recognition got the devil in them
want me settling i never let them into my head
i k!ll them again, you get it? i’m meant to be medicine to the lesser than me
but they never even listen to me
everybody feel it but they always catching feelings on me
don’t know what they deal is always keeping eyes peeling for me
peeling off on them always sounded so appealing to me, wait
everybody want to be a rapper
everybody want to bite flows cause they have to
everybody on the same page different chapter
everybody want to be me (cue laughter)
everybody so d-mn sure that i’ll never be nothing but i don’t know
cause the way that they show up to my shows tell me all i had to do was just grow, go

[pre-hook: 10six]

[hook: 10six]

[verse 2: 10six]
f-ck whoever didn’t see the vision
i take no breaks, no intermission
i’m so driven by my inner mission
i got tired of waiting so i made ‘em listen
i got tired of wishin’ so i made it happen
all these fakes out here i can see ‘em actin
cause they told me i wouldn’t make it rappin’
but now i’m on stage and i see ‘em clappin’
everybody tried to tell me what i couldn’t be
told me get a book and read
go and get a good degree
told me that it’s good for me
but i never could agree
cause i saw it in my dreams
i knew what i could achieve
put in work behind the scenes
that’s sh-t they never see
late nights, countless weeks
tryna live my dreams so i never sleep
watch me climb to the top like -ss-ssins creed (wait)
everybody wanna be me (yeah)
but i don’t wanna be everybody
get your hands up off me
you are just a copy
don’t try to come through if you popped a molly
this is not a hobby
don’t have time for hoes that try to get up on me
got my partner in crime like we’re clyde and bonnie
stacking money like a bank robbery
now entrèband’s with me, all we make’s quality