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11 lit3s – voodoo lyrics


how you gonna call me
6 in the morning
talking bout how you and your new man fell out
tryna get this song
done by the morning
go call up your friends, you was always talking sh-t about
but i heard about you, you’ve been, the talk of the town
and since we broke up your names been floating around
you seem to have finished promoting that body on the gram
i mean anyone would of guessed you’ve found a new man
yeah i heard about you you’ve been
the talk of the town
but it ain’t on me
i already tried turning you around
but i gave up on you
cuz you’ll always be the same
any way around

but its bringing up old feelings
seeing that name on my phone
bringing up old demons
when i see that name on my phone

but you keep calling every now and then
why do you call me every now and then
cause you know this sh-t might just fly up , fly up, fly up off the shelf
ya keep calling me
every now and then
go call your new man
quit stalling me
time and time again
oh o oh

i spent every 0 of my balance on you
you were the only girl i never got bored after a night or two
i started locking up myself in that room with u
start-ed to turn on the world that we live in for you
locked up locked up
trading souls with you
locked up locked up
all night all night, it was something new
locked up locked up
all night trading souls with you
between heaven and h-ll with you
always high under your voodoo