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111robloxdude – strife will be seen lyrics



here we go

limey gon’ pull on ya block
toil paper in is stock, yeah
bruh you need to get a life
or you’ll see all sorts of strife

limey on this track holding back
he wanna launch he wanna attack
better watch for that knife
cuz you’ll see all sorts of strife

attack, backtrack, flashback, payback
hijack, carjack, smokestack, blackjack

with a comeback, heart attack, maniac, fast attack, yeah
hitting that, soundtrack, platinum black, megalomaniac, mmm, hearing back
you is fat. look like cr#p. can’t make up sh#t for a polygraph

strife will be seen
he ain’t up in this scene
don’t come near limey
if you know what i mean

ayo toil paper hop on this…

ok so it be like;
toe crack, six#pack, lookin’ jet black. hit it back
its whack, you lack, any smarts or the way to win the camp, you slack
icc will eventually be done. i would’ve won by then. i’ll be number one while all you’ll be is dumb

but i know that hard to think of
small brains just dont have it
by the way
team synthwave all the way