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116 poax productions: lil salad – x lyrics


[intro: xxxtentacion]
to find
to find the exact words
to find the perfect words
to, say less, but to say more
was ideal with this project
and, till my energy and mind be felt
in a, less aggressive way but a more p-ssive and g*nius way was ideal with this album
to, show the versatility and to show the open- to open minds in itself was the goal of this album
and, if you are not open-minded
before you listen to this album, open your mind
open your mind, before you listen to this album

[verse 1: lil salad]
r.i.p to x (2x)
we flossin’ on u ya we saucin’ on u
in the circle or not we’re styll comin’ for u
no rick and morty 3 thousand iq
b-tch i got this sh-t on lock
portal gun you know i keep it c-cked
pickin’ paper over scissors and the rock
u ain’t sh-t b-tch (wtf)
bullet in ur head x marks the spot
cross out ur name leave ur body to rot
rememberin’ x all the talent he brought
nt4nb x n d-lo they taught
hope for changes y u had to go jheez
playin piano not bricks and keys
no flex but at gym ya i’m tryna get deezed
wanna live my lyfe don take it please

[interlude: lil salad]
shove it in ur -ss morty
shove all these seeds straight ur -ss morty
you got this
come on morty
do it for pop pop

[verse 2: d-lo116]
r.i.p to x (2x)
116 gang 5x n-gga
r.i.p.t.n.i.5x n-gga
never forgot the ones i lost n-gga
wish i was there before to pull the motherf-ckin’ trigga
instead i was in school water whippin’ wit my n-ggas
my dreams was fallen your was gettin’ bigga
sad to see you go, r.i.p my n-gga
thinkin’ bout the things i coulda done but why the f-ck am i styll up in school
momma want me get a degree, but you ain’t in my lyfe but it’s cool
i been thinkin’ about the mistakes and things you said
got me reminiscin’ bout my sh-tty past
gotta make it better dye wit my regrets
take me as i am before my death