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11789o – don’t touch me. lyrics


we’re doing this
should i start ?
okay, okay, i’m going for it

big blast back up now!
got my belle be in the block!
imma break your cute ass face!
you behold that f+cking bass! (yuh)

i want to become famous only to make you mad!
but seeing all the sh+t you’ve done made me nothing but glad!
you just want attention i can see why you so sad!
don’t cry b+tch i bet you don’t know how i can be bad!

i’m the devil i’m the banshee! (hey)
is it that strange to love scars! (yeah, hey)
seeing your smile is scaring me! (hey)
i’ll never become a star! (yeah, hey)

you f+cking bullsh+t!
you don’t even know what you’re talking ’bout!
get away from me!

@11789o! (yeah)
right i’m back i’m thirsty!
go get my lean sippin it!
i can’t get all of it! (f+ck you)
b+tch shut the f+ck up!
tell him that i want my glock!
dare to guess i’m out of stock! (hey)

get away from me!
get away from me!