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11sixone – held you down lyrics


you wanna leave but i made it so hard
you tryna move away cause i made mistakes

it’s another day you show nonchalance
i’ve been pushed away to accept my qualms
i gave away my love to set you free
i gave away my heart why you calling me?

oh, but your wish is my command
you wish to accept what i am
silence made me question your truth
lies made me question who you are
you’ve rejected me enough times
it’s all fun and games cause you knew i won’t runaway
it was all an illusion that i am so used to
so, i hope you never say goodbye
i don’t want calls to hear you cry
you’re on your own don’t come at night
don’t scream at me i didn’t try

i held you down
i held you down
often times i came around
and switched up my face
i probably shouldn’t lie
i’ll carry around my sense of pride
oh, i held you down
i held you down