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11th avenue – death and breakfast lyrics


(quotes from the movie “-rs-nic and old lace”)
who are you?
i’m aline harper, i live next door
what are you doing here?
maybe you better explain what you’re doing here!
where are miss artha? miss avy? what have you done to them?!
perhaps we better introduce ourself’s
your jonathon!
you’ve heard of me!
yes they talk about you-
and what do they say about me?!
just there’s another brother named jonathon-that’s all they say, well that explains everything

death and breakfast
gold on my necklace
beyond infectiousness
sweet as coca-cola
they smell the aroma of
what i’m cooking
flow like mid 90’s in brooklyn
put the ill in illinois
making noise
all the decoys
take it slow relax and enjoy
these little doodles
kick it like judo
it’s crucial
to be brutal
on my pupils
the feeling is not mutual
the feeling is not neutral
don’t ask for my approval
make yourself useful
start planning your own f-cking funeral