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11th avenue – entombment lyrics


(quote from the movie “-rs-nic and old lace”)
have you suddenly gone crazy?
no i don’t so, but it’s only a matter of time
look darling you wouldn’t want to have children with three heads would you?
i mean
you wouldn’t want to set up house keeping in a padded cell
what are you talking about?
well i don’t quite know elaine
like i probably should of told you this before but you see
well, insanity runs in my family
it practically gallops!

from the pupil to my noodle
i see that this rap ain’t doable
my approval of a beautiful cubical
are shaded by the neutral
my refusal of the removable
are blocked by my half breed poodle
these raps are just some f-cking doodles
on scr-pbook paper
i’m your god
i’m your savior
this shiftshaper
fades away with the vapors
leaving you with nothing but bitter flavors
time for me to meet my maker
my creator
gave you some skittles and some now and laters
cus i can’t bribe you with earthly paper
on earth we can build skyscr-pers
but we are traitors to mother nature
that female who suckled us to life
and we payed her back with a doomed planet knife
smoking lucky strikes
if i’ma die i wanna go out on my own terms
time to give back to the worms
deceased and never to return
wasted my life rapping to earn
and rapping about what i earned
i should of been rapping about what i learned
i wonder if h-ll burns
as they say it does
i always say it’s never the time to give up
its time to give up
oh my dear son
it’s time to give up
i’m done

(mac miller)
it’s the last day of my life
party like it’s the last day of your life
this the motherf-cking last day of my life
party like it’s the last day of your life

(mac miller on the radio)
trapped inside these dreams of mine
just trying to get some peace of mind

music go with my funeral

had a few abortions, unfortunately i forced them
lord knows i turn a child to an orphan when i’m touring

where are you going?
can i come?

(radio static)


(“that’s all folks!” from porky pig “looney tunes”)