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11th avenue – ink blood freestyle (the world is ours) lyrics


(quote from the movie “sunset blvd.”)
everything set up gentlemen?
just about
lights read?
all set
i just want to tell you all how happy i am to be back in the studio making a picture again!
you don’t know how much i’ve missed all of you
and i promise ill never desert you again
because after solonly we’ll make another picture, and another picture!
you see this my life
it always will be
there’s nothing else
just us and those wonderful people out there in the dark

(verse 1)
the world is ours
taking mercury showers
opium for funeral flowers
hour after hour
chop heads of these cowards
put it a bowl of chowder
and devour
like my diesel sour
ralph lauren trousers
you want the powder and the power?
f-ck a 9-5
i strive
to arrive
and deprive
the rap collective
these sk!lls are effective
the game very selective
if you saying my music is ineffective
your corpse goes out the exit
i ain’t messing with these p-ssy’s
come push me
don’t care who looking
putting in the hard work
see me with my smirk
i lurk
and go berserk
go nuts
rip out your guts
studio filled with sluts and cigarette b-tts

(verse 2)
cl-ssic like an impala
blowing up for allah
come holla
for dollah
flow hotter than lava
rap ain’t sh-t it ain’t nada
my girl she loves prada
she over cooking my pasta
waiting outside victoria’s secret
i saw a demon
he showed me the beaches
he showed me the secrets
took me to egypt
and in sequence
showed me how jesus
is only a thesis
religion is mankind’s weakness
left my spirit in pieces
the radio harvests artists
but forgot me because
i’m heartless
and i harness
the scarlet
of the departed
to diabolical for the market
in this capitalist market
i can sell your carc-ss for a bargain
this style i started
i beg your pardon
but you’re my target
eat your kids leaving blood on the carpet
growing tulips in your garden
i sharpen
my carbon
wanna be baptized in the river of jordan
don’t put no filter on this k!ller
listening to michael jackson’s thriller
outside of rome’s pillars
hearing lucifer’s whispers
preaching the gospel through twitter
and stalking your sister on tinder
thinking why am i so bitter?

(verse 3)

mic check mic check
hold up a sec
im not playing games this isnt chess or checkas
ima heckler
comeing for that chedda
its time to pay the collector
battle me?
you should know better
hotter then jalopenio peppers
you a p-ssy
you a leopard
you better be wearing a bullet proof sweater
tryna fly on me?
im plucking them feathers
you cooked goose
ima k!lla call me o juice
f-ck a truce
im all about abuse
thats why i produce
raps so obtuse
whats your excuse?
i spit punchlines and chuck up the duece
keep it smooth
like a smoothie
keep it groovy
you do you and ima do me