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11th hour – atonement lyrics


i kneel in the damp soil
your stone’s so cold
i long to hear your voice
can’t remember

my hands fold as in payer
why in h-ll am i here?
no forgiveness for an old fool
least of all from you

speak to me in my head
speak to me from the dead
forgive me for what i’ve done wrong
i’ve lived with this burden of grief-
-for far too long

how long have i been sitting here?
my knees are stiff and it’s dark and cold
was that really your voice or just my brain
playing tricks on me?
the words echo in the raven’s scream

… not me… it’s not me… wrong place, wrong time
… she wait’s… it’s her… you need to find

never seen this house before
a withered wreath on the door
i know who’s inside
you showed me…

her eyes fill with tears
i try to speak… no air
my lungs burn in my chest
as i wheeze my last request

speak to my, before i’m dead
know that i never meant to make you sad
the years that we wasted won’t return
but please grant me peace-
– though i know i deserve to burn