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1/2-e – dial lyrics


[one long -ss verse]
see these vocal chords are taut with tension
they audibly caught knots from the suppression
we argue so often, i caution you mid-sentence
stop those oxygen pockets from ending my indifference
i’d rather watch you in misery at a safe distance
so i can pretend i didn’t witness a suicide mission
don’t mean to seem so dismissive
but i know those frequent visits
to the restroom ain’t to fix your lipstick

apprehensive so i choke through this deception
your announcements always so f-cking impressive
your gonna accomplish impossible
but three years later you faced the same obstacles
blame the haters, they made you immovable
see pungent pheromones can even fool the wolf
cloaked in tragedy, you’ll never see defeat
and it’s the saddest scene i’ve ever dramatized to a complete

insecurities will leak, from cracks beneath your sanity
how can i display integrity, while impersonating me?
i don’t know, i don’t know

but ain’t no justice for the wicked
and you’re so bad man branded
there’s not a hope in your convictions
project your weaknesses on those who love your ugliness
so if they leave, it ain’t a thing, you never needed gutless friends

sycophantic is the family practice
and we love to judge the gr-ss
especially if we’ve been fenced from out it
this entourage is getting crowded
you’re surrounded by the unessential
and they place pride inside your sweat and toil
stand idly by waiting for your spoils
they could be fruitful and merry
but never loyal

cut them out and get out of the cycle
but you solo mounted the tight rope
you so, so proud of your t-tles
think your heads in the clouds
but you’re kneeling down on the tile

choke back the bile
been awhile since you felt this vile
push out a smile
been awhile since you felt this vile
you’re in denial
been awhile since you felt this vile

shut the f-ck up and dial (x3)