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1/2-e – p.e.a.c.e lyrics


[verse i]
what’s the point of being in art?
n0body listen so i can’t influence sh-t
i’m living basically off anything i get
wouldn’t mind it, if i could afford to live
steady blinded by the debt
feeling violent as i find out that we bounced another check
i ain’t mad at the truth
know you feel it all too
but what’s a man to do?
when capitalism is packed to brim with abuse
stare at the noose. stare at the noose
that was the previous tape
so two big f-ck yous
two big f-ck yous
i ain’t trying to die
but the pressures getting high
that i just might end up k!lling mother f-ckers for a dime
in the prime of my life, but i die every night
when i wake up to go cake up at a job i despise

[verse ii]
back to the grind
put in the time
and watching these dollar signs
all fall in line
nine to a five
ten to a seven
attendance dependant, regardless
ya interested?
you need to ball
and the only working in utah
is working these calls