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1/2-e – pause lyrics


pause, gotta take this call
if money on the line
we cash it and ball
it’s the cycle of life
cake up then we spending it all (x2)

[verse i]
(1/2-e god d-mn it!
is the product organic?
if so, then where did you plant it?)
this package is only the finest
it’s herbal and packed full of vitamins
and it was grown by a chinaman
he ain’t a slave
he’s getting paid
he’s raising funds for his grandson’s retirement
isn’t that n0ble?
you should buy double
think of the children
white rhinos, albinos
whatever, you’re hooked in
now give me those visa card digits
i promise you’ll dig it
you with it?
(well i’m not sure)
then lets upgrade your package to activist
see we’re making agreements
so all of our clients have the finest of treatments
so at the small price of you working on weekends
you could have this sh-t entirely vegan


[verse ii]
(1/2-e god d-mn it!
is it the baddest?
will i sip it
then women all find me attractive?)
you better believe it
as soon as you drink it
she’ll hop on your p-n-s
and f-ck all that noise
about getting diseases
you’ll be immune if you only drink two
imagine how s-xy you’ll be
if you drank three?
what 1/2-e’s tryna say
is buy the whole crate
and nightly f-ck women that half of your age
one sip and all of the women will run in
and f-ck ’em and f-ck ’em and f-ck ’em
the only regret
that you could get
is that you will wish i had sold you this sooner


[verse iii]
(1/2-e god d-mn it!
they say you got some kind of magic
we’re broke and we’re looking for cabbage)
i got you, i’m here to supply it
you need it, believe it
i’ll let you in all of my secrets
but first i’ma need a deposit
i’m just being honest
spend money to make money
what’s in your wallet?
this an investment in you
can’t be committed until you’re in debt to the group
to help it make sense
sign us a blank check
and i promise you’ll get double what you invest
like (whoo, whoo, whoo, whoop)