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12 step rebels – 2000 years lyrics


it’s been 2, 000 years since that
dreadful night when those b#st#rds
took my baby and ended her life. then
they turned me into a creature of the
i’ve heard some people say that
mine’s a life they’d like to lead, one
of eternal youth and immortality. all i
ask them is that they please hear my
throughout my history there’s been
one thing on my mind: to get to my
baby in the glorious afterlife
struggling to find a way to bring my
death about. the time has come
you think it’s 2, 000 years of pure
ecstasy and the finest things that this
life could ever bring. well there’s a
darker side that i’ve been blinded by
2, 000 years of days filled with the
purest misery, waking up to pain so
thick, i struggle to breathe. her vision
is my memory
up in the glory above is where my
angel waits for me. the only way to
get to her is to set my demon spirit
free. not the flames of h#ll, lucifer
nothing will stand in my way
2, 000 years of h#ll, i can’t wait one
minute more. the sun starts rising, so
i open up the door. my skin starts
burning, starts oozing onto the floor
i’m returning to her
darling, i’m coming home to you
baby, i’m coming home to you. i’m
coming home. darling, i’m coming
home to you