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1200 – twenty lyrics


most of us don’t make it to the age of 21, and when you live in hate it’s hard to know where love is from

me and whoodie on our way to california park. you can see this reign. i’m building noah’s arc

the temperature affects the crime rate. it’s not a foul unless you bleed from the face. the streets are mean

to gain success and win this game you really need a team, or a dream because can’t all be mike

i really want to name my son michael jordan arthur, but then i think of michael jordan’s father…

there is no way to make sense of it. we are from where you will never see a white picket fence –

only chain mail, while we throw away these brain cells. i was disrespected just because i didn’t check it, so –

let the violence commence. this only escalates. my siblings suffer through whatever hate

if i die tonight let my soul levitate, unlucky fate, lights, sirens, and kentucky plates

the cops couldn’t tell the difference from offensive and defenseless so they pulled out night sticks and beat me senseless

now my whole life is before me. blurry teenage years get erased from my story as i taste my tears

at 13 what’s this teenage life was like? 14 answered that – introduced to urban plight

15 was a milestone. my mother had me at that age so if i p-ssed it i could carve my own

16 i had a permit and a sperm itch. 17 heaven dreams. 18 confirmed glitch

19 to 20 last years and no forbidden ages, but somehow being a ??? plagues us

the only places we can go are heaven, h-ll, or jail. you make the decision only time will tell

most of us don’t make it to the age of 21. i was 20 when that cop pulled his gun… run

runaway fast as you can. runaway as fast as you can

when you turn 20 learn how to run, ’cause most of us don’t make it past 21