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12anti – splash up grove lyrics


im fresh outta the can and i hear the paigons are at it again
like let me make one thing clear n0body from grove has k!lled my friend
so tell everybody’s their f-cked cus no ones safe when my arm extends
put yoshs blood on my splash bleach bleach and i got cleanse
splash splash happened so quick one ting had to wipe her lense
friend duck their opps but youll get it at your own expense
and you say you ain’t involved but ive seen you in vids that dont make no sense (digga)
smacked up shamz in the jailhouse left him bleedin blood feeling tensed (p-ssed)
and they call me a opp and i bet your all still wanna knoe why?
is cus i caught cj on my first day and i had him like joe in family guy(no legs)
so i beg man go thru and lie whos goin to tell me i’m lyin
i saw rackz break dance when all of those bellz went flying
splash splash 3 in his back febz got one whilst he was cycling
i taped of grove i taped of bush i did it real quick mans violent
i had to hop outta window cus block was filled wit trident
my splash was covered in red and i feel so alive and vibrant
trident is back at my door turn of the light everyone be silent i left my splash in his back and then i came back like gimme back my ting
splash splash straight in his back lil cash jus fed him
i beg man don’t get splashed and go take pics like don’t come back here
you got st mad and he hopped of the boom ringing of tryna give em a shelin
its gang on a track on >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
man f-ck all the opps got splashed and you came so close see it endin’
it’s a combat blade and its big [?] like cuz you won’t see it bendin
im fresh and i swear and i crashed man through my whole sentence i nearly broke my hand and the doctor said i nearly tore my tendence and i still ain’t stopped me cus my hearts in no pretending
i’ve splashed and i’ve been it’s only right i mention
why you think its war cus we ain’t tryna take no checks
splash splash and you made me bleed then i’ma come for your neck
bally my face