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12omo – september f12esstyle lyrics


[verse 1:]

blocked out the pain so much
i don’t know where to begin
bare with me tryna channel this
i was 19 charlene said she was pregnant
i could have had a daughter… maybe? crazy
couple days p-ssed she told me she lost the baby
but a said she probably lied
to tell the truth he was probably right
whole thing was a joke that’s a comedy night
guess we’ll never know
put it on the song, now i let i go
what’s next? or who’s next rather
vex i let bex think i didn’t like her
lookin’ back on it mmm probably should have wife’d her
we was young though
young boy full effect fun flow
with girls i was gung ho
popular, i wasn’t tryna run road
me n chan wasn’t planned, dom you gotta know
i wasn’t plottin’ for that spot, i know it’s proper old
but it’ll bother for me life
and what you did to my brother
was a mockery ah lie?
i wish you didn’t say a word to me
kinda felt like you wanted me to tell him
it should have been you but guess you couldn’t bare to bell him
but man have gotta hash that out
trash – dirty bin bag, dash that out
hollering monique because i miss that girl
around me you could never try and diss that girl
but time p-ssed, i don’t know if i done something
but it ain’t the same man, what a shame
my name’s still romo but the r is a 12
had to make some changes on the road to better myself
i heard they ask what i’m on now
guess i’m lookin’ better as well
but sorry, i would never tell on myself
and you ain’t gotta speak for me i can tell ‘em myself
for heavens sake lord knows i can send ’em to h-ll
with a verse for hymn and her to sing in church
as you arrive in a he-rs- for that final bell
sorry i got sidetracked
let me get my mind back
sometimes i don’t reply
i don’t really know why i’m like that
birthdays became the worst day’s
when nanny left this earth
had me sippin’ hurt when i was thirsty
christmas wasn’t festive at all
family fell apart, literally divided and torn
and if it wasn’t for bella… pfft
too much to say and i don’t know if i’m really ready to tell her
but i love you for life, you already know why
no cap when i rap this is just a hat on my mind
but going back to christmas quickly
picture me as a pinckney
switch my phone off, i didn’t wanna go off
to my other nans
didn’t know my other fam
felt outta place, let down by the man
mad, look in the mirror i see my dad, d-mn
promises to get me on a weekend vibe
didn’t show up most of the time
soon wasn’t surprised , f-ck the gifts
i just needed you present in life
only child back then, got some siblings now
around 23 years old when i found out
through facebook
“congrats on becoming a dad”
the comments say
guess they don’t know about this one away
i’m sorry to my cousin
left, but came back running
heart racing
me and josh found nothing
never again but we gotta connect
too many dreams we spoke about
that we’ve gotta collect
that’s on me though
still got love for lito
another place, another time
maybe not finito
if you’re happy, i’m happy
link up at heathrow
white shirt, cigar, racked up papito
i know roshka kinda mad at me
adaze kinda mad at me
i’d be here for days
tryna explain sayin all the names
and the reasons
details even, forced
me and clauds ain’t even speaking
no lies, too many funny guys
hold vibes in their heart , tryna move in disguise
rather man say to my face, it’s no hype
but i ain’t got the time, man are big 29