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12teen – rodamez raheem lyrics


it’s already the future and i taste lead/ hit the snooze b-tton goin back to bed/
look outside shit it look a little dangerous/ and i don’t even speak the language/
all these persons talking shit i never meet in person/ are they real persons/
guess i’ll never know for certain/ until they call curtains/ or i draw curtains/ till then with death i’ll keep flirtin’–

but rodamez raheem he can’t even dance–

there’s a party going on the westside/ should i go i don’t know few times i/ drink to much and i always start some fight shit/ cause i be talkin’ to them big booty b-tches/
oh that’s your chick/ i don’t give ah f-ck/ man ah n-gg- drunk/ now we fist to cuffs/ just cause i ain’t hangin’ on the corner with the gang/ it don’t mean i won’t throw them things/

this rapin’ shit is my nine to five/ and i got a nine and will release five if you come f-ckin’ with my job/
bought a refurbished jet-pack/ on my way to work crash landed so i had to take it back/ now i’m hustlein’ to pay rent/ h-lla bent/ livein’ in moms basement/

now she kick in the door actin’ all funny/ cause the 12teen hi mommy ep ain’t make no money/
shit maybe it did/ but i ain’t get a m-th-f-ckin’ cent can’t deal with bullshit/

a young dude blow tress like an o-g/ my f-ckin’ weed so green so gumby/ my f-ckin’ trees so green jumunji/ my f-ckin’ tress so green get money/ get munchies/

–but rodamez raheem he can’t even jam–(jam!)

those days that come and gone, ain’t worth rememberin’/ got a little older and got rid of the timberlands/
got a new pair of kicks homie dare you to step on them/ a collar shirt with a tie holdin’ a gun but i’m, far from a gentlemen/ (we leavin’ tomorrow)
your ancient future done came and went/ while you was scremin’ f-ck the government/
bingein’ off of netflix/ your b-tch bingein’ off my setlist/

and she wet cause love i spread it/ rodamez is now her favorite/ raheem buss a nut in your [?] face and she neva eva say shit/ we tortured and can’t quit/ slum dog, n-gg-rish/ guilty till innocent/ our life time is limited–

but rodamez raheem he can’t even…