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12th planet – hide it all lyrics


[intro: crichy crich]
hold up
hold up

[hook: crichy crich]
i got henny in my blood, cup full of mud
girl on my lap, kush in my blood
love in my veins, pain in my brain
i try to hide it all behind that big gold chain

[verse: crichy crich]
hold up, better call up a doctor
we been mobbing through the city, ain’t n-body gon’ stop us
switching through lane to lane, ’bout to swing down your blockers
with a trunk full of flame, we make it bang like the choppers
got that drink in my system, behind that (?) like obama
i don’t trust these hoes, i got your girl in pajamas
say she love everybody, i keep her wet like piranhas
got so much (?) in my mouth, i’m iced out, i’m the (?)