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12th street goons – vero cypher round 1 lyrics


verse 1: the loard

it’s the 12th street goons, kicking off the cypher
and if you think you’re hot, then were p-ssing on your fire
picking off a sniper, fill my lyrics with precision
spit ’til i retire, in my spirit there’s persistance
picking the pen again
ripping up these sentences
instrumental kicking so intimate and intricate
murdering these rappers that’s a synonym to k!lling them
but don’t look at me, i’m as innocent as zimmerman
cl!ck clack like i’m cracking my spinal
spit raps while i’m scratching the vinyl
stack ’em in piles with my m-ssive dedication
having revelations like the back of the bible
p-ssing regulations as they punish the skeptical
past your expectations, b-tch, you’re under my pedestal
tackling these no swag rappers with their old drab
don’t hold back, yo, i’m p-ssing it to joe av

verse 2: joe av
brash and harsh, clashing wars since the collapse of darth
i’m back with stars, wait until you see my battle scars
dan & av will get a stack and pick a raffle
laugh at action, win it all and buy a castle
cause we’re the monarchs, the kings, landmarking all your things
get a waterpark from spitting hard, should bring an extra tee
a patriarch of simple things, dimples just to keep it clean
blissful in the booth, call it truth so you can disbelieve
cease and -ssist, got beef then i plead the fifth
peep this, you can’t keep with this
got a pen that’ll reap and defeat the p-ssed
got doubt in your mind? well, here’s my reasons, b-tch!
i got a mouth like a sailor, high seas, no slander
bo peep and go deep if you really want to matter
drop a verse on a beat and watch an audience gather
so secreted and completed, move on to the next rapper…