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12twoface21 – always last lyrics


[produce tag]
you either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain
bl-bl-black mayo on the beat

i said, i make the music you give me some head. (yeah oh)
and i know what you want, you’re not here for the bread. (yeah oh)
but d-mn you’re too cute to throw outta my bed. (yeah)
i’ll only say this now, not ever again
you’re special to me (woo) you’re all that i need
looking back at me (ah)
making me have thoughts of getting down on one knee
making you the one, making you more than my choice of a gun (blah)
asking for your help in running this up. let’s run it up
stacking the cash while you suggesting the (uhh)
am i doing this for wealth, or is this the feeling of (love)
don’t really know anymore and i guess i don’t really care (ah ah)
bonnie and clyde now. no one can compare

[instrumental break]

we’ll be living luxury
you’re my muse, we’ll be rich
we’ll be living young and free
yeah come on over and we’ll keep each other company
the missing piece to my heart, girl you’re the key
my partner in crime, let’s go make a wicked scheme
i like my b-tches sweet, go grab the whiskey
let’s take a trip to the skies, the mile high club is the dream
we’re moving way to fast, we’ll create the new jet stream
our love will always last