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12world – ks on who lyrics


[verse 1 – s1]
i don’t know about lacking
step with ferb and phineas
i’m tryna leave man hashtag planking
that’s in and out splash, what a vicious stabbing
ding dong peds we’re immune to the banging
quick retaliation, don’t ever think that the 12 side do with slacking
we’re the first to back it, do man rapid
them boy there tweek on songs, they’re only good with their rapping
cos when shh shh got splashed, he had his ramz, why didn’t he back it?
some stupid deluded f-ggots
rush shot grip firm and tap it
double slap, just keep on banging
hop off, get swept inject then i’m dashing
his girl tried call up for help, that 15 inch done left man static
like pull up a zoot them pattys
ks on who? don’t f-cking mad me
f-cking h-ll them boy there chatty
p-ssy yutes theyre way to catty
they need like 3 other gangs, why?
cos dem gems can’t hack me
and they know that im way to savvy
all of them boy they flashy
quick feet, move safe, forrest gump too dashy
and this sh-t really bludclart mad me
but how come the opps ain’t learning?
shh got wet down in his germans
chasing away bigman was swerving
two chest shots had the opp boy burning
like blud you f-cking earned it
you’re just lucky you never got curtained
and you know big bro was hurting
when he dished out shh, but that pr-ck did firm it
ay we still lean man twisted, move ballistic
back out my blade and drench it
long one on me, you would’ve thought s1 doing up fencing
but them boy hop count his offences
and bro did slap it at shh
but he tom daley’d started dipping
but look when the bro did buck young febs wanna back that kitchen, numerous witness
but he still know we get to the whoosh and the fishing
like, ayyy, the oppsdem know that i do it correct
1 2 step when i bopped through your ends
make man cover and shank their friends
1-2-5 or 4 double o when we purge on them
pull up your pants and dash young men
or you will get khal-ssed and kwenged

[verse 2 – sav12]
can’t tell me about trapping
got packs for the sell, i ain’t hitting it
queen elizabeth stacking
tracksuit mode, i ain’t into the splashing
but buck with the opp and splash him, man grab him
like, “wagwan for all of the chattin’?”
live in the flesh, they ain’t really on action
caught sav12 on the lack and i left there standing
stop talking cheffy on tracks half hearted splashers
get round there and i’ll show you about badness
man done wet that down for the cameras
4 double o dont crash
that day i didn’t have s1 in the back with ramz tryna leave splattered
critical shankings, why you think that they hate cs?
get round there that’s waist and up, we ain’t aiming at legs
i don’t care if he’s not involved, man will ching up an opp boys friends
f-ck that, ks on 11 and 10
pull up in a stolen truck
equipped with things and stuff
guarantee everyone garn’ dust
my man got away twice, the third time he was out of luck
he tripped up and got cheffed, should’ve never put ks on us
they’re like sav, “what happened with my man?”
come out my business, you’re way too nuff
on the net you’re talking crud, saw gang live in the flesh got touched
broskis way too roasting, he’s itching to let that buss
all black botty with 2 fat bells
tryna call mans bluff
promoted, they’re tryna earn some ps but all of them bits got sucked
now sav12 dishing consignments
man best run my ps with no fuss
if not i’m shaving man up