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12world – risk lyrics


[verse 1: s1]
let me start with facts
them boy don’t pose no threat
they nothing but f-gs
internet tweakers
all they do is chat
but when man buck up
they pull up their pants and dash
and man can’t lie
one time i got caught on a lack
4 man pulled up and they all backed shanks
so i made that dash, but i came right back
with smoke tryna crash
ask zk if i never just duck man down
tryna stab out his f-cking back
way too loose and reckless
like 4 double 0 with bro
ready to hop of and feed man repet-tive
that’s waist and up, we don’t aim where the leg is
and if you’re wearing a vest or a [?]
man know i’ll stab you straight where you’re neck is
little bro too wild
man had to take draw for a second
what do you know about taking risks?
man fly upsuh with 40 packs
and i only take off b-tch
get them tic-tacs sold
and i got faith in this
and when the spot gets hot
bro take that sh-t
one time our spot got blammed
man up 10 dashed and moved across town
theres many ups and downs
but thats just part of the game and sh-t
put 5 in the dotty then
i let my young boy play with it
opp block man step all wicked and dangerous
like whos that whats that lean out the window, bro start aiming it
cah n-ggas can’t tell me about violence
i’ll run man down on my own
back out my cheffs on volts
leave man spread out, cut out on roads
and numerous times, ive cut from sirens
broad day when a boy got cheffed
man had his girlfriend screaming and crying, shouting, why him?
so man just pull up my pants and skeet
reclip my ramz and dash from police
big f-ck off blade upon me
step on volts you don’t wanna get cheffed
big cheffs get swung and thrown into chests
fingers crossed that i get this c-nt dead
inject him twist, take his last breath
like whos on joints you don’t wan meet death
big dutty ramz on my side, its going straight through your head
like, i’m vicious when i step s1 im just way too loose
them boy nah want me death
i said them boy nah want me death
if you glide upon me this ramz will go in you’re chest

[verse 2: sav12]
big f-ck off ramzy and slippers
my man try chill with the gang in bush till i thought f-ck that and lit him
and how’s my man still dissing
hit him with the fl!cks and he had to draw kitchen
bad on tracks, liveo, you’re a victim
bro did bang that smoke at opp but he never caught none, it missed him
ay, are you listening
catch sav12 on a lack man pull up my pants and fist him
if not, back out the cans and swing where you’re wig is
you don’t wanna see man get vicious
if its the trizz can’t lie, i’m dipping
but slide round, same day, man like get chinged in front of the witness
f-ck who you’re with, diss man waist and up in front of his mrs
ks on the 12 now he’s got st-tches
ks on the 12 now he’s got st-tches
f-ck who you’re with, diss man waist and up in front of his mrs
shhh got drenched shoulda had his nank, if you needed help soulda hollered at frank
too trappy so we’re chasing bands
just got rid of a pack of the amm
calculations, doing up maths
anytime i give a gyal wood man do it like nico i bet she planks
you try throw yc in the can, truesay he stepped out with a f-ck off ramz
meanwhile they got sav on the ban
this bullsh-t weren’t part of the plan
man don’t talk like you understand
i’m taking risks just to see my fam
tell me what you know about dat
and i rid a whole year on tag
that stress there, it grew my plaits
i remember that day, i just left the trap
2 minutes away, man buck the jakes and i dashed that pack
i didn’t get that back
that l got me smoking amm
i wish i could sit on my -ss
but i gotta make that back