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12xam – sofia lyrics


lost all my patience, lost in my head
give me a moment to explain myself (explain myself)
baby come over and lets make amends (yeah)
when you come over you know we don’t sleep (no we don’t sleep)

so stop it
don’t start with me
you wanna go
so stop it
don’t start with me
are you on a roll?
on god
its alright
you wanna go all night
i don’t know why (i don’t know why)
you’re taking my time (you’re taking my time)

[verse 1]
so why you wasting all my time
i know what i want
how can i know what’s going on your mind
whole lot of sights in the city lets ride
lets ride
no one’s gonna hop inside tonight
i’m just gonna take my time tonight
i don’t know why you tweaking
if you can’t trust me then just leave me
but you wanna stick around


[verse 2]
now you got me thinking about
all these issues i got
all these b-tches i got
and how none of them replaced you
the time that we spent
i was gonna go all in
then you act up and show me that it was for the best
sipping on patron
its in the past and i can’t go before
you gotta go its not cute no more
she walking round like i’m the one
who’s washed up on sh0r-

its hard for me to think in these times
its hard for me to think by the lines
when it comes to you (when it comes to you)
cause i can’t think straight
i know why
cause you linger deep inside of my mind