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13 to the gallows – dusty roads lyrics


“dusty roads”

it’s the end of my rope
been ramblin’ on and on
don’t know where or who will take me
know i’ll be there there by…
dawn is soon approachin and i’m thankful for the breeze
those troubles seem so far away

heat’s stabbin’ in, it’s summer again
and i’ll… i’ll be ok
drive a thousand miles down that dusty dirt road for you
and you don’t care

headin’ off for reno
gotta make up some lost time
stop for spell in vegas
get those worries off my…
mind is racin’, destination come into sight
white crosses from the roadside


fallin’ snowflake are freezin’ my back
while the sun burns my face (2x)

a new life, a new hope
still need to ramble on
no direction, the road leads me
to sing the same old…
songs of mine, they are singin’ all i hear
is a “please take these troubles off my back”