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1349 – cauldron lyrics


flames have taken night
it is gripping at the soul
plunging into maelstrom visions

confounding the dark designs
the equations of dead riddles
look through and into the mysterious depths

bleeder of the true flame
release the black floods
breaching the walls of understanding

unearthly devouring fire
ancestral dark gestalt
blazing like a black flame in golden voids


time p-sses strangely here
falling towards the pits
as tongue-less mouths are l!cking at the soul

boiling with the devils wrath
in that moment of extremis
staring into the fathomless mirrors of h-ll


m-ssive – cauldron – of chaos

to the winds – to the devil
to the cauldron of all spells
in the light of the sabbath-moon

like a viral vector
like the devils broth
through nights of penitent black prayers

to the storms – to the necrospheres
cycloning from within
shaped by the will of the gods of chaos

like a droning mantra
like the ancient oaths
through the slow vortex of black prayers

ignite the infernos
to the goad of demons roar
calling from the brink utter chaos

unchain these chains of fire
standing between worlds
chanting forgotten words of evocation


m-ssive cauldron of chaos


m-ssive cauldron of chaos