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13luechi1d – the colour blue lyrics


[verse 1]
i see the world in me
i smoke my memories
can’t you see?
i’m breaking, on my own

[verse 2]
she always stays at home with me
always hope to catch a dream
can’t you see?
my baby, i’ll never learn
how to be free
how to be everything they want you to be
how to known
how to be heard

i don’t even know
i don’t even know
if i really want to go
if i really want to go to see the sunrise
i don’t wanna know
i don’t wanna know what i’ll become and
if i do let go
if i really do let go of you


i know your love will go
and i slept through all my heartbreaks and heartaches
oh my heart
i, oh i
feel so empty inside
oh i, oh i
never learn