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13th draft – let every bird sing its own song lyrics


i’m just a simple boy, without charm in my eyes, without s-x in my voice.
your words are worthless for me.
you said loved me, but to many things i have seen.
now i see it clear, there is no you, there in no me.
now i know i can’t keep you at all costs.
we are full of ups, we are full of downs.
i was so afraid of that day, but maybe it had to be this way.
i thought i was ready but i felt great pain inside.
i thought i was ready but i begged for kissing last time.
do you think my hearth went sleep long time ago?
no, it’s burning with a vengeance… and its heating my blood!
yes, maybe i’m not special guy for you.
but i am brave enough to put my foot down.
always, i don’t beat my feelings black and blue.
i have been trying all year round, all year in vain, although i’ve left no stone unturned.