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13th floor elevators – never another lyrics


the story you are living from
the other symphony,
ensures such coolness inside my heart,
of love in harmony

your simplest gestures echoes out,
your entire destiny,
our fates combined, but have no fear,
give your love to me

i groove on yours.. changing mind,
its bright, its our thoughts combined
its not chance.. the way we view round,
our thing happens right on time

they just see that our two backs,
together make one human
freedom palace bares our souls,
and makes us all the new one

from oasis you can need me
it just summons me to wear

if i face it that would leave me,
where your sh-r- is just out there,
its only my love that was ended
like its only my love that got there

its only my love they would give you,
in the genius of all that we share

never another like you
never another like you

do whats good or
do whats good to you