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13th omen – armory lyrics


verse i.
wake up strike down the enemy,
we shackles down their crows straight to the ground,
let them lick our wounds to taste our disgrace.
the time has come my friend, their failure.

verse ii.
we are forgotten,
we haven’t found.
the struggles we’ve been down has placed to the sound,
let us ignite the core, increase the fire,
this is our time my friend the favor.

fighting the words in the mist we wont die in vain,
our nation is fraud and our sweat turns to blood again,
raise all the swords and the fist of our dying name,
our feet are stucked in mud but together we stand again.

verse iii.
the red flashing lights,
the armory, invade the battle ground,
destroy everyone, pick up the wounded men,
strike no mercy, this is the time my friend betray them