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14 trapdoors – swimming in circles (dedicated to mac) lyrics


i swim around a sink
my thoughts are better when i don’t think
shut down my mind, let my soul think
time after time, scribe rhymes for the coping
i ain’t tryin’a hang, so i sang, let the rope swing
i don’t even know things
half the time i’m boasting
half the time i’m floating
feel me like you groping
it ain’t over never over less it’s overdosing
heart cold, so cold, a globe that is snowing
i’m rolling, supposing “yo i’ma track k!lla”
i wrote this in the morning, mourning mac miller
might morphing morphine, ridin’ white horseys
do lines with the devil, nah he ain’t have to force me
only feeling shook because i’m losing control
and the highs get me high, s’why i’m feeling so low
and i’m swaying side to side
i’m alive and it’s dope
when i’m gone, wonder which song my mama gone quote…
i don’t know

make sure the mic is loud and my production is tight
the wrongs ain’t really wrongs when nothing is right
and these songs are like psalms that i pray and recite
put the lighter to some ice and i hope it ignites
and the pastor at my right side reading off rites
all up on my b-lls like seats on a bike
dream and compete, in cleats, sneaks and spikes
what is life
a flash in the pan, camera flash in the night