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14 trapdoors – the acid didn’t work lyrics


you barking up the wrong tree
5 to 10 all on me
think i’m bout to front you?
slippin’ cuz i f#cked you?
that ain’t the wave
f#ck out my face
nut on your face
call that beating the case
that ain’t the wave
f#ck out my face
nut on your face
call that beating the case

i got my reasons
i got my problems
i need more profit
expanding my margins
my plug must have faith in me
it was cheaper than last time
i’ll wake up tomorrow
still rolling from last night

let me live let me live let me live
i got one of everything
let me live let me live let me live
i can’t hear anything
let me live let me live let me live
f#ck what u telling me
let me live let me live let me live let me live

pick me apart
send me ya god
i don’t think i f#ck with any of y’all
don’t give me a call
don’t get me involved
i’m hoping one day the city will fall
i went to school and hit l!cks in the stall
i dropped the jewels for the kids in the hall
i left a bruise on they face and they jaw
i’m going harder this summer and fall
got the plug from cali on the phone
i don’t want them legalizing weed in new york state uh uh
my friends got me hooked on drugs
and they did it for the love
now they do it just because
us and our music caught a buzz
i be blowing fire when i fly
f#cking on some good p#ssy cuz it give me peace of mind
here’s a piece of mind
it ain’t no peace between the lies
a hundred reasons i should die
and send my demons to the sky

in thru the out door
i’m all about progress
my girl is a goddess
and i am diablo
i am head honcho
and i need head pr#nto
i had to fall back
sniff too much blanco
i hold the truth i won’t hold down no lies
if theres uppers and downers don’t let me decide
i cannot find me a reason to stay here
ill double my money then say my goodbyes
this time next year will be this time next year
except everything’s different this time next year
change my surroundings the earth is on fire
for now please don’t look for me
b#tch i’m right here
lemon og make me shapeshift
forward momentum don’t waste time
4 in the mornin i’m anxious
did all the drugs so i can’t die
my plug hit me with a discount
your plug hit you with the same price
you make a play usin’ payments
i buy it all at the same time

short moscato
all of me great i’m with my ace higher than sp#ce, tired its late, boost time boost time
i do lines like all the time
still rapping that blap blap blap
columbine, send shivers down her column spine, my following can’t even follow my asylumed mind
paradigm with a pair of dimes
wear um out. they swear they mine
laid back, yeah way back in a lazy boy
with a blanket
it’s the close i’ll get to a maybach
unless punch hear this and pay the cat
i like thundercats, #ss that slap like thunder claps
no such thing as mumble raps they just say it cuz they old as f#ck and can’t f#ck with trap
i got love for bad, love for yachty
and i f#cked a sl#t in a trump hat and i told that girl do you baby but you lucky i ain’t debate you crazy or make you call me d#ck cheney while i d#ck you playing wayne n baby