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144 zuwop – splurge flow 2 lyrics


boy don’t play stupid kd in the k
t-shirt  a n-gg-, a very cold case
you  smoking on who but you roll with the jakes
you n-gg-s is pork you squeal everyday
f-ck with the gang hunt you down no escape
cut  your -ss up, different pace everyday
fan  your -ss out like a string on a cape
please close the casket, he ain’t got a face
you  n-gg-s don’t bang you just claim what you not
k!ll yourself n-gg- i pre-tied the knot
spin round the block with a glock and a clip in my sock, target practice on n-gg-s that’s why we got dots (b-tch)
(no) no you can’t ride with the mob
(aye)  no you not gang so don’t start
(aye) talk like you hard but you ain’t got heart
tin man i’m cold and my heart is so dark
mud in the cup and its darker than lard
falling in love with the x seeing stars
i like to stay up b-tch so don’t bring me bars
rob the jug, act confused, i had no parts
draco no scope, brand new tec and ar
this b-tch got a drum, if you run its not far
aim for your knees make you bow for your god
if i feel good man you might see tomorrow
(b-tch) what i’m smoking sh-t is thrax
b-tch its that gas
beat your -ss up, make him toss in the flag
he don’t want smoke send him to neverland
yellow tips open him up turn him red
in love with four nickels might blow at the feds
taliban mask so they can’t see my dreads
red and blue, f-ck the jakes free all my man’s
i come from the zoo, big guerrilla with plans
strapped like the navy, pay up in advance
shoot so much, keep a curry in my pant’s
slime city renegades we going up
stop looking stuck
pay up them bucks
kick in your door and we giving no f-ck
aim for the head just to see your brain flush
kidnap your b-tch man that ransom a must
(aye) they say i talk crazy i cap much
they say i talk crazy i cap much (woah, woah)
they say i talk crazy i cap much
they say i talk crazy i cap much