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144 zuwop – splurge flow lyrics


why play with zuwop and that n-gg- gone blow
come  to the door shoot you though the peep hole
rob  you for pounds and we serve for the low
boy you a stain and your b-tch is a hoe
just took yo mans and we coming for more
bend  round the block and we aiming to score
hollow  tips open you up rip your fro
it’s blood on my shoes time to get gone
come  through the cut wit a beam and a scope
he lack on the porch while he smoking the dope
wrap his -ss up like a coc–n
took his -ss down he a buffon
these  n-gg-s so silly i swear they so doomed
loving that b-tch but she doing the crew
i just love bread i do what i do
she see a meal and i want it too
ya b-tch stick wit me cuz i am not you
b-tch imma thug you is brand new
come thou the block we might take ya shoes
taking chains taking yo trues
pour up sum act inside dew
grab me a choppa i blow till it’s loose
do me a hit nd i dash in a mustang
drum on ar make all yo guts hang
12 come thou just know we flushing
they smell all the dope leave the house musty
time to link with lil bro
grab me a raw finna stuff me a cone
got cotton mouth but i’m still in the zone
spend a check…to get you gone
secure me a bag nd i’m on my way home
whipping thou traffic while 12 on patrol
zuwop be lacking boy you is a troll

ouu b-tch i’m insane
aye hop out the ride let it bang
yea hollow tips open yo brain what is your name? can’t say a thang (gang)
you doing this sh-t for the fame (lame)
i f-cked on yo b-tch till she came (rain)
i asked the lil b-tch what’s my name
she call me zaddy but i prefer zayy (way)
hunnid on my wrist pure white (cocaine)
suicidal thoughts like kirko bangs
might just let it off if he thinking imma lame
come and aim it at your brain let it off watch it hang (dang)
goofy boy stepped on my jays
get on yo knees wipe em clean b-tch amaze (me)
ouuu think i’m a god
aye i can f-ck on any broad
she wanted the d-ck from the start
knock her man out he see stars
d-mn knocked em to mars
i’m off all these bars
leaning so hard
you still smoke dimes nd i smoke by the jar
beat so much -ss make me call for the guard gorilla glue northern lights in my blood
hunt yo -ss down like i was elmer fud
do it for fun
please do not run because my glock gotta drum
aim it at anybody looking dumb
talking that sh-t boy please don’t lose yo tongue
cuban necktie boy you know it’s red rum
do a opp dirty put sh-lls thou his lung
have his -ss crawling nd coughing up blood
f-ck wit my slimes nd them shortys go dumb
b-tch i’m prince nd a king you my son
look in my eyes nd redemption will come
general zuu don’t compare to no one
you talking that sh-t but the gang took yo funds
once again knock his -ss down it’s red rum
draco’s and 40’s this tec got the runs
my brothers come first so b-tch stop looking dumb
we aimed for the top try to block nd u gone
pop me like 4 but i need like 3 more
leaning too hard but i’m in my own zone
wacking n-gg-s put this beam on yo dome get yo -ss gone for a pack and some foams