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1470 xvii – pull up lyrics


pull up, pull up
pull up, pull up
pull up on me
pull up, pull up on me
pull up, pull up on me
yeah, yeah
pull up, pull up
pull up on yvng zeek
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
pull up lil’ boy, pull up lil’ boy
you don’t want smoke
you don’t want smoke

he said he want smoke
but he not wanna fight
he just tryna act tight (aye, aye, yeah)
man he know he see me
he just see me
i put ’em in my past ’cause they don’t need me (don’t need me lil’ boy)
he gon’ snitch like 6ix9ine (6ix9ine)
he gon’ really try to act right (ain’t right)
this dude ain’t honcho (he not)
won’t see him tomorrow
in my past
man i’m bouta get the cash
you know that i’m next up
bouta get a check
got diamonds on my neck
you know me and yj yeah we flexed up (aye)

[verse 2]
i got your girl man she suckin’
i got your girl and she love me
i got your girl (?) she wanna come in
yeah she really wanna come in
got your girlfriend yeah she c-mmin’
(?) (yeah, yeah, yeah,)
i keep a 223, i keep a scope (i do)
i ‘member those days
i was h-lla broke (on the street)
diamonds on my neck (diamonds)
diamonds on my neck (wrist)
i don’t gotta flex (yeah) just gotta run up them checks (yeah)
run it up, run it up
run it up, run it up, with yj
i don’t care what you think
’cause you just gonna hate
2x, 2x, i got that 4x
(?) got you (?)
i just (?)
pull up, pull up
pull up
please pull up (glizzy)
pull up, pull up
pull up yeah
she gon’ pull up but i ain’t got enough
i ain’t got enough (?)
i ain’t got enough
lovin’ on your momma while she suckin’ on my nuts
she was suckin’, she suckin’
she suckin’ though
she suckin’ though
high-key she suckin’
she suckin’
i’mma let her be
i’mma let her be (i’mma let her be)
she gon’ suck after that she gotta leave (she gotta leave)
lambo truck
ion wanna see her on my tee (don’t wanna see her)
ion wanna see her on my tee (i don’t wanna see her)
man i’m bouta get these checks
i’m bouta get designer flex (got designer on my neck)
man she might come suck up on my neck
ion even know what’s next (i don’t even know it girl)

yeah, yeah
eternal pain
comin’ soon you already know this lil’ n-gga
f-ck wrong wit n-gga
i change this sh-t lil’ n-gga
in the stu, no cap