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14doll – new horizons lyrics


scr, scr
b+tch, shh

[verse 1]
understand my despair
guys wanna become the baller
on the ship i will be sailor
shout in mask because i’m caller
rude and dark and stupid peasant
f+ck a f+cking, wow, malfeasant
still my street is long empty
don’t know what to say, woah
stepin’ in lousy tunnel
also look at the runnel
smokin’ weed at the funnel
i launch this gun barrel
what’s much money did you bring ?
it’s very long way but offspring, yo
why are you crying, why are you crying ?

[verse 2]
b+tch, it’s my flyzone, yeah
rolex on my hands now
i like cars and pack dollars
may i bring it, boss?
black and white are good things
13 dollars are blood drip
if i think about you
lean is getting lost and crew
is next and fly away, ya
and you must go away, ya
please don’t shot in me, yeah
and i need for this? no