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14k – saga lyrics


vendetta, hate, strong feelings strong words
emotions evoked, relationships ruined, enemies made
treated like slaves by greed
common man wants nothing but wealth
morality is null and void
the truth is nothing but a far fetched
short sighted concept
lies run the world
you can get murdered
you can get f-cked in the -ss by the system
it’s all fun and games until you’re at the recieving end of a 9mm pistol
we’re all f-cked
saga is real, the country is swallowed by a cold dark abyss
while greed and hate controls the world with an iron fist
this is your world…. run

i’ve had enough

verse 1:

have a look at yourself
check if you’re alive or dead
remember all the lies you’ve been fed
the dreams you have been sold
praying for peace? you got a better chance of h-ll gettin cold
strings are getting pulled
motherf-cker start dancin’
coz life has an unfair advantage
like some who’s hooked performance enhancements
with muscle that’s faker than plastic, wrecking havoc
surrounded by greedy b-st-rds
pray to god to ask what the f-ck just happened
now we’re waiting for answers
coz now we’re held hostage by greedy motherf-ckers watch em start askin’ for ransoms
so sick and tired of being sick and tired uhh
the hate is abundant
coz haters surrounded the area
trying to make, 14k, a little bit inferior
but, i’ll keep goin till the done, game is done


its funny how the world looks down on your shit, but your shit is goin up
middle fingers in the air, for the n-gg-s who don’t care
i just don’t give a f-ck
and n-body give a f-ck
ain’t n-body got time
so i’ll keep doin what i do best, until this city is mine

verse 2:

you thinkin that you know but you don’t
now all these muhf-ckers been calling you on the phone
asking ya for forgiveness
thinkin that you’ll forgive then take them off the hitlist
i’m so sick of the system
a system so f-cked it’s take a lifetime to fix it
but i will still cook up a storm, so dinner is served
your visions are blurred, listen and learn
i’m on a mission
retribution, the only solution, i finna k!ll em
and how the mighty have fallen, but we’re strugglin
can’t seem to make ends meet, but we’re still hustlin
n-gg-s gettin paid to shut the ones who are talented
shittin on us heavy, you would swear they ate some laxatives
last thing on my mind is entertaining your favours
instead i will remind all of yall, who is the greatest…