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14kt – paid lyrics


you kissed the bling, i kissed the block
my sh-t is pristine, i call it pistol
you’re looking shy, cover in shawls
swipe that bucket come and f-ck you the harsh way
touching my b-lls, summers in carson, my people arsons
visiting macy’s, sucking in parking lots
‘scuse me, stacy, what’s the problem with the chopper?
pepper hill squad mob but with slobs, the tech was still
was planned, a lot on hook, red in the truck, reggie from them braids
amazing, let them all pay ’cause i’m a blunt breaker
plan my next stunt day, a punk’s way, missing the lattos
twisting a bottle, different models, forever malagos
i know that my blood runs a big shadow
cargo, she’s at roscoe’s, chicken and waffles, who’s giving a lift?
‘ dipping in hondas, dipping in controllers and her eyes closed
ride slow, glistening and hitting that pot through, flip, pimp

hey, hey, hey
hey, hey, hey
hey, hey, hey
hey, hey, hey

i’m rolling the trees, rolling the woods
rolling from woods, home of the wolves
soldier for gs, holding the two over
no one is cool, n-gg- please, know what you brew
i broke thinking that someone is cool, close to that coast
talking the breeze, breeze, smoking the leaf, leaf
king of the queen, think of me clean, freeing my pennies
d-mn, man, even my lean d-mn marley looked at the king dream
king full of bottles on a wednesday night like the slushes night
f-ck with the monster, i hit her in front of the headlights
cream predicate me, sipping like ‘
i know what was like, that i would likely breed
doing it nightly, doing it nike, doing it red like mickey
or tourette like spike would, 37 a night each, nice breeze
breezing through life like i eat wood, emphasis on can

hey, hey, hey
hey, hey, hey
hey, hey, hey
hey, hey, hey