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15 minutes of fame – she had a penis lyrics


{verse 1}

it’s friday night, me and marty,
we got some girls over, we gonna party!
tonight, everybody’s feeling right,
i see a brunette, she’s looking pretty tight,
i don’t know, what i was thinking,
she says to me, what are you drinking?
i’ll say, i’ll have a carlsburg please,
next moment, we’re under the sheets


say i, woke up in the morning with a pain in my -ss,
don’t ask baby, cause i don’t understand,
turn around, and what do i see?
she had a p-n-s, she had a p-n-s…

woah, oh, oh, oh (x3) she had a p-n-s
woah, oh, oh, oh (x3) she had a p-n-s

{verse 2}

monday morning, kinda awkward,
avoiding eye contact, like a wh-r- would
judgemental looks, like i was a crook
even my maths teacher, hide behind my books,
she comes, sits next to me,
i raise my hand, sir i got to pee!
he says no, just hold it!
like the b-tch took my dignity and sold it!



what am i going to do? i am so confused,
recently i’ve been thinking one direction are pretty cool
i can’t find my way, so messed up from yesterday
all i know for certain..