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150 – m dargg, lyrics


first beat

[m dargg]

bare man rap now, got me here like really doe
always talking ’bout they do the mad man
most man had their face in videos (videos)
none of them k!lled my friend (friend)
god knows everything mad
run a dam in a can, see an opp boy
fill the can, eat, jump through break fast like cereal (all of that, all of that)

tip top, man like clush
man-a move digital, man link up
man-a like up with ade og
fix man to be digital
man was in 4’s, man was in 4 doors
now man do too real, 2 man
getting sh-t rocked, having on the top
everyone wah round, like i have a new brand like i f-cked up
and i f-cked up m, and i had s running (d-ckhead, d-ckhead)
and i dont know m, as be my cousin (d-ckhead, d-ckhead)
m take your girl and then dargg that
whats up or was, i won’t charge back
young boy he’s rolling with wah?
aye woof woof don’t make me go bop that
m loud, m fraug, 64, gyal dem sugar
got me thinking like, trials trapping jail
with an uurp bow, dududududu
man i’ll slide in crib, im in a house with bu-bu
n-gg-s touch a b-tton, because he really shudda
i was preeing plug, we was s-xy flexy
like n-gg- where’s the bujju (where’s it at?)
where’s the bujju (where’s it at?)
where’s the banter(its acked up)
free your gyal in the room, ay boom byby (no bujja buying)
i ain’t got no type thats a n-gg-s anthem
got sweets and the sutting go get it random
bare man think they’re bad back then
put your favourite rapper got his head for rapping
shoutout to my arm response, only firearm thats mdaargs response [ar]
you dont wanna be that target don, get smoked up man-a tryna carve your don
fat cop-a-no 2p, jump pr-ck like bruce lee
jump-kick like bruce lee [boow]
jump-kick like bruce lee [boow]
on your block like skududududududu
pull up, pull up like dudududududu
hop out, hop out run a man down like dudududdu
tryna scene whilst im scoring
tryna score whilst im sceaming
mother f-cker, doggie style when i beating
two nuts dem leaving [f-ck her]
dont let me phone up m, m’s with driller and he’s coming with [?]
all you might see is {??????????}
underground like bodies, the way they talk, you think they dropped some bodies, they ain’t shot no bodies
skrr skrr, on a vrom vrom, man broom broom, catch him with a shotty [boom]

[second beat]
[verse 1: ard ardz]
bruddas talk money, where is your gwalla then?
bruddah got shotty, i dump it at all of them
if i take your money, you ain’t getting this gwalla back
shoot him like its funny, all of that,all of that
same moved dope on the road, but online tryna get follow backs [wasteman]
me i move low on the roads, im worried that the boydem follow adz
link a man down on his own when hollo backs
i put a bag down for the chrome
got my own ting , i dont [?]
all my bruddas out here and we’re selling dope [what else?]
if m darggs banging, we will get involved
your gyal is with the gang, she ain’t nearly home
she’s sucking ucking live on my periscope [badders]
dem man swear that they bang, swear on my life they won’t bang sh-t
catch these man on the road, they wanna seevy like zaggif
man i dont do sh-t,fight man ,stab man bun man madness
our staff was halal in jail, smacking man up on a mashting
raised in the brits
west side was slipping round the 6 [all of that]

[verse 2: sho shallow]
like none of my bros do tell
like none of my bros do snitch [none of that, none of that]
like none of your bros do sh-t, catch a boy wise at work
chilling with s wavey like everybody affi get jerk
just when i rob man, i rob man not running that back
feds can’t stop man, 6 years with the boot in the bag
tell a b-tch come f-ck man, i roll now i ain’t dealing with slags
[?] aye its a mad ting, sad [mad mad]
but f-ck all the sirens, got me ducking for tridence
got a dish with some led, catch one in your head
all your body alone, i just leave it alone, my bruddas alone
catch a bullet in head, all of that, all of that, [?]
[??] why you trying get involved
us man on the road
cheff a man on his own
i was running like, sho

[verse 3: s wavey]
shoutout my n-gg-, m dunna
with my boys wearing bandanas
yeah the opps scream [?]
that pr-ck trying to run for his [?] [boom]
think he’s a bad ucker, i heard he’s a bloodclart [p-ssy]
dem n-gg-s smash work [p-ssy]
my n-gg-s do it proper [sure]
spin it to the bread man [?] it
we skrr round there and we drill it
and all these n-gg-s talking about drillers
and all now they ain’t done spinners
dont slip up slip up m 2 wheels thats a case [skudududu]
i told a man ,get up,get up and put the drill to his face

[verse 4: j boy]
tell em [jigga jigga], like man 10 toes like man 10 toes for your melon [jigga jigga]
like, yo man back the f-ck and stay active, like man back the f-ck and stay bad ting, man tweet the smoke
bring the smoke, like yo adz come and subtract him, like jigga so active
like jiggaty so active
like jeez man, jeez man, jeez man, jeez man
mad will still do juice on a madting
dip, dip, dip, dip, dip