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150 – westwood crib session lyrics


[1st freestyle] – no returns ft skatloose

like no returns
do it, skid and then skurr
fix us out and get hurt
man do the dab and then swerve
i know you heard
lay him out on the curve
dont f-ck around and get hurt
slap it, load it up and then burst

back out my knife on smoke
like whos really trying to get poked?
the same thing that happened to ____
is the same thing that happened to
so how you gone talk about us
nuff times we ripped opp boys coats
do it now
retaliate quick, get dropped and smoked
ive skid and ive skurred
real life i done did that road
i dont talk about the work that ive mashed
i just leave that sh-t to the roads
cats on my line they phone
jarring ive gotta change my tone
stop right there, loud and clear
i let it be known
yes im a rebel
any problems i get that solved
im fed up of letting man slide
and hearing im
hands on the rusty shh
bando and