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1500 breezy – off tha heezy lyrics


gotta watch my f-ckin back , never kno who plottin
i been on my f-ckin grind , yo i’m never stoppin
i got shootas inna east , and in the mary poppins
i was taught to keep it g, never catch me flockin
stack dis money get dis cheese, das my only option
n-gg-s actin like hard, really soft as cotton
walk inside yo f-ckin trap , i’ma lay u down
n-gg-s cappin for sum clout, dey just want b down
lately sh-t been gettin wicked on my side of town
n-gg-s get right in da game, den dey get knocked outta bounds
even with no makeup on, n-gg-s lookin like sum clowns
put dat bread on yo dome, getchu smoked just like a pound
i feed her d-ck she gon open up wide
i can’t trust a f-ckin soul, n-gg-s stay switchin sides
everybody ain’t one hunnid, had to open my eyes
geekin off dis marijuana, got me high in the sky
i feel like n-body trust me, i be wonderin why
soon as they see you up, dey want a slice of yo pie
i b speakin on the facts, cause it’s not in me to lie
i’m goin with my move n-gg-, ain’t no time to decide
sumn like a ufo dey kno a n-gg- be fly
if u ain’t talkin bout no paper , u can’t get a reply
don’t give a f-ck about a seatbelt, boy we ready to crash
i ain’t slidin on a opp, if i do not have a mask
i was posted onna bloc while u was skippin yo cl-ss
i had to hit a couple licks just to get to a bag
wen yo b-tch see my ice i bet she wave like a flag
i already kno i’m it, we don’t gotta play tag
never did rock designa belts , rather just sag
out da mud i got it by myself, n-gg-s be mad
and u kno i got it on me so, don’t even ask
and if her bodycount too high den like a test she get p-ssed
i do it big, christopher wallace
capital one, what’s in yo wallet
went to da bank, made a deposit
n-gg-s b g-y, come out da closet
lemme switch da flo, hold on lemme switch da flo
if she ain’t suckin d-ck den she kno it’s time to go
smokin on dis pressure , b-tch im loaded off this dro
we gon step on him and treat dat boy just like a roach
i be makin plays by my lonely, f-ck a coach
call my glizzy meechie , wen i shoot it hit dem folks
never catch me arguin n buckin under post
i be posted up all by my lonely, i went ghost
wen i get dat bread u kno i’m tryna split the loaf
i sit back and laugh at those who took me for a joke
i heard u got asthma boy u kno u don’t want smoke
b-tches used to stunt on me but now i’m in my glo
wen i’m off the drugs, i be actin like i’m slo
i am not a fiend, i take perkies just to cope
just because dey say it don’t mean it’s real stay woke
if u ain’t catchin bodies n-gg-, why u even tote
wen i’m in my grave dey gon label me a goat