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1500lop – earned it lyrics


verse :
i earned it i was on that corner i was serving pistol on my side i was lurking i earned it

we keep popping bottles like it’s 99 gotta watch dese n-ggas close they not no friends of mine gucci scarf round my head like a taliban keep a drum near by like it’s pakistan i go to war bout this money i can’t tell a lie streets cold u ain’t know sh-t like do or die pay what u owe dem shooter broke dey wanna take a life they marching in the streets like i’m martin luther came from the gutter it was muddy but i got thru it

i earned i earned it i done put in work like its service i swear to god i want this sh-t i ain’t nervous

we don’t never sleep we don’t never sleep money on my mind it be hard to eat stomach on e i’m tryna feed the streets dey waiting on me like it’s christmas eve make a movie on ur block leave it a murder scene [i’m a sniper wit dis glock shoot like augustine red beam on his head shoot soon as he blink dey blew his brains out over the kitchen sink forgot to get the code to the safe dey don’t even think] riding in da rain in a range bout to make a play walter payton touchdown that pack on the way to many times i seen blessing turn to bad dreams this real n-gga season 2 tryna make it to 3 dey got hate all in dey heart dey wanna body me i shoot good behind the arc i hit more then 3s real n-ggas coming up we taking everything