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1522 – priceless lyrics


verse 1

pray y’all are listening to this
i’m a author to a book
that probably won’t be read by the people that it should
if you’re listening you must be searching for the right person to give attention to
you’re used to writers writing ways to pocket fans well then here’s my view

now i’m not perfect but my mind comes close
live to learn on bad decisions man i take em most
i don’t look to myself for inspiration take that note
if you’re looking for a life that has no flaws go off the coast

cause you won’t find it where it’s clouded
peace never stays where it’s crowded
it often opts to stay profounded
i’ve never found it
i choose to have my on fate it’s all in sight
it can’t be set out for me i don’t share this life

cause i don’t share this light
i stand alone and shine
cause no one stood by me when darkness covered no one knows my kind
no one shows remorse
no one feels this force

i’ve stayed in the dark long enough to know the course(ey)
learn to put yourself first others will come next
don’t let them be a burden to your chest
letting down your guard is disrespect
cause they’ll go right and you get left
in the cold and the only place that you’ll find warm is death

verse 2

one more thang
you can’t feed on love and expect to stay the same
be one of the few to find it and they claim you’ve changed
like we’ll ever be be on the same page
you can only feel connected to what i’m trying to build when you reach a certain age
a certain stage

once you’ve gone through the phase
once you’ve found out who you really are only then can we relate
only then can you feel safe
the pack protects it’s own
k!lled from deep within when trust contaminates the flow
black hole painted gold

some were meant to become a sibling of the home of evil
some believe and most deceive so let’s change the sequel
let’s mess with the system that’s best!
testimony to the heavens giving thanks cause i feel blessed

yes my soul needs a demon proof vest!
yes my closet’s full of unknown guests
but i don’t sweat
cause better the devil you know, than one with a seethrough chest!

the love
the peace
the hustle
priceless souls are ones that make the most mistakes
cause they feel home in h-ll no matter how it burns or shakes
heartbreak is a price to pay yeah we all got money for it….


you can’t buy love
especially mine
cause i love with my mind
i read between the lines
love ²
it’s never enough, and it never plays fair unless it’s sent from above
you can’t buy love
especially mine
cause i love with my mind
i read between the lines
love ²
it’s never enough, and it never plays fair… priceless