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156/silence – conflict of interest lyrics


i can say that i never expected things to end this way but the plot only sickens
save your speech for the ears that believe you and can’t hear through your sh+t
with no remorse, i’ll close the door and walk away
i won’t be dragged and i won’t be pulled down into your gravely dependencies you’ve developed
i can distinguish the ones who relish all the advantages they’ve enveloped between distraught who are living h+ll with no end in sight
unembellished, crawling through life with an endless hardship
crawling through life without ever halting
when will the light enter darkened nights and when will you finally learn to stop this?
ten million times i can beg you to lock this into the coffin with broken crosses
bury your skeletons and take your losses
‘cause you are what you hate
oblivious to your position, all alone on the outside
i hope that life decides to deal you the right goodbye