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15briizi – beybladez lyrics


intro: i can’t fold , promise i can’t fold, i can’t fold i will never fold (free lilman)

hook: witcho b-tch i’mma get laid then i’ma dip, got ciroc and some hennay bro what u sip? finna blow up like a grenade cause it’s my tear , banga on me like a beyblade i let it rip (2x)

verse: must don’t know who you around in your presence is the chosen one , epuip the dessert eagle when i’m ridin das (that’s) a golden gun , brudda outchea cappin like bussin he ain’t foldin nun not like these other n-ggas they be actaz they act bold n stunt , yo sista in here lacin me wit top while i’m rollin one , in other words she choking on my d-ck while i roll a blunt , seem like everytime i touch a track it’s another one g sh-t , i used to be broke das why i luv to stunt
never catch me on no rat sh-t but i be chasin cheese , had to fall back off that luh hoe i know she a tease, young n-gga ion (i don’t) got the sauce b-tch i got the breeze , member juggin wit the f-ckin gang right by socrates
hotboy and i’m 16 , stay rollin up pressure
chopsticks wit beams , aim and buss at whoeva
straight out dat 15 i’m fly and i’m clever
in a foreign drop top, seats , basketball leather
gone off this loud pack got me movin fast , in a foreign whip n-gga i’ma do the dash , rap game shidd nahh i ain’t new to that , pulled up smokin gas wit gang bih , u can’t speak my language, n-ggas lame and dey all be on the same sh-t , take a n-gga clout leave em nameless
and my pistols gon bang bih

hook (2x)