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16 bars au & nz – episode two lyrics


verse 1 (nooky)
alright, strap in, we’re going to nowra
look, look (p-ssy)
i bring the bad weather and the sour mood
you know that everyone check the att-tude
i don’t play with b-lls, no blond hair, no blue eyes that i had to do
look, i don’t really give no speeches (what?)
i’ma take these f-cks to the cleaners (nah)
but walk on water with the wordplay (yeah)
slobber on all these flows like jesus
jesus, is black, jesus, he is back on a, mission
he here, back with a, vengeance, begin, let me just get this sh-t clear
let me just shovel my spit, ayy
i’m not showing no fear
said i’d be humble lil bih, ayy
you don’t even know what that is
nowra boy with the drip (yes sir)
all hits no miss (yes sir)
one side no switch (no doubt)
rough riding like swiss (that’s right)
rough writing like x
now got my foot on they neck
label be cutting the cheque
big purple pot with the flex
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah he’s g-ssed up and he’s overrated
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah i heard their names but i never played it
i’m your favourite’s favourite favourite
i’m the big horse check the pedigree
half nowra, half amazing, nooks

verse 2 (jess b)
yo yo yo
jess b, auckland city
you know i’m right until the end till that sh-t crash (woo)
you know i’m always on the ball like an eyelash (woo)
i heard you’re selling stories i won’t buy that
i put my money where my mouth is and it bite back
i don’t need a backflip but they looking at this
i put a hex up on the beat like the wickedest witch
red lollypop yeah i’m the pick of the mix
the pick of the middle you waiting on making the list
compet-tion is which
i got sea like a mister
speak money and truth
i guess that i’m a linguist
won’t disrespect no-one but you get dismissed
i get you escorted out with a fl!ck of the wrist (wrist)
wind it up and let that thing go
i’m feeling like a motherf-cking blue flamingo
that’s different
checking off flows like bingo
and jess b a time bomb
watch that sh-t blow, pow (ayy)

verse 3 (marty bugatti)
it’s marty, trip- one
it’s that ongoing social experiment that they call out
babylons uploaded get better you know your wrist drop
they watching every movement no truants just like the truman show
got better luck at running amok and hunting my newest foes
front seat, c-ckpit, jerk neck like a ostrich
swerve these toxic posers better lock lips
zip lock, pit stop, p-ssed off does not come free
pour me in ’cause my life is so comfy
this time yesterday i had me a crumpet
live my life whichever way marty woulda wanted
put foot to floor
i, i make it pour
when i claw up on my door they make a clapper put my sticky out
still hearing voices bl–dy poison that they handling
life is simple choices, how we flip the world and handle it
i drink the rest of it, heavy with hidden messages
beauty in every blemish, break down on a monday, cherish it
why the memories damage us when we wake up
still burning in my stomach, no memories of a chaser
sold his mother’s jewellery to buy a tool for his
enemies, divide the cost of
casualties, would only cost him
to the piece
i wet dream about these motherf-ckers putting on me
to film their faces when they see me is my only hobby
don’t name my might to science, run abroad and leave my head
till then i’ll press this liquid through my liver till i’m dead